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Gift Guides Ease Stress of Finding the Perfect Gift

I am one of those people who refuse to go to the mall after November 1st. The strains of Deck the Halls should not be heard for at least four more weeks and it’s way too early for tinsel, lights, and trees. But, like it or not, the shopping must begin in earnest. Many of us mall haters choose to get comfy on the couch and hit the online markets. While I don’t have to fight for a parking place (other than with the dog), the marketplace itself is daunting. Thank goodness for gift guides!

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Gift Guide | Top Five Gifts That Should Be On Your List

The hunt is on! With Black Friday sales in the books and Cyber Monday in full swing, the holiday shopping season is officially underway.

If you’re looking for something that’s truly beautiful, unique, and not found at a big box store, we’re here to offer our Top Five gifts that come highly recommended by our customers and are guaranteed to be a hit come Christmas morning.

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Staff Picks | Gift Ideas for the Wedding Season

While Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer and the end of another school year, the long holiday weekend also kicks off the traditional wedding season. I’m traveling this weekend to Jacksonville for a wedding, and in looking for an appropriate gift, I wanted to find something different, special, and perfect in every way. Definitely not something mass produced and clogging the shelves of every cheesy import and big box store in the country.

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Shed Some Light on His Favorite Space for Father’s Day!

We’re gearing up for Father’s Day this week and lucky you can be the star of the Sunday cookout! Everyone else will be giving books, ties, and goofy gadgets to dear old Dad, but you can give the ultimate gift and save money too! Take advantage of our annual Father’s Day sale where you can receive special savings on loads of lighting, industrial decor, ceiling fans, and more. To access the code you’ll need at checkout, you must like us on Facebook. We love having new friends and Dad will love you for it!
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