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barn light electric

A Special Salute to Our Veterans of the Barn Light Electric Family

Almost 19 million American veterans are being honored today as our nation pauses to say thank you to those who have stepped up to serve our country.

Here at Barn Light Electric, we say a special thank you to the veterans who are part of our work family. These gentlemen bring the values of duty, integrity, honor, leadership, and loyalty to the workplace each and every day.

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Behind the Scenes | Coatings Specialist Lends Experienced Hand to Porcelain Department

In the nine-plus years Matt has worked on the Barn Light Electric team, he has seen the company grow from a small office and scattered workshops to a 120-plus employee organization gathered under one roof covering 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

scott dodson barn light electric

Behind the Scenes | The Pieces, Parts & Processes of American Manufacturing

There are countless steps taken to manufacture Barn Light Electric’s American-made lighting. Many hands contribute to the process as hundreds of fixtures ship out the door each day.

One very important set of hands belongs to Scott, our Supervisor of Inventory and Quality Control. Scott has been with the company for more than seven years and has also worked in purchasing, inventory control, research & development, and as regional sales manager.

handcrafted lighting

Behind the Scenes | Metal Spinning Comes Naturally to Barn Light's Hand Spinner

Barn Light Electric ‘s machine shop is where handcrafted barn lights  and porcelain enamelware are born. Large sheets of metal are cut into flat disks then placed on a hand lathe. Our crew of talented metal spinners bend and shape each disk around a mold to create light shades, bowls, plates, and more. It’s difficult work that requires both strength and finesse, and lots of practice, to force the metal into the desired shape.

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Behind the Scenes | Barn Light Interns Learn Ins & Outs of Manufacturing

According to Mike Rowe, TV host and advocate for trades and manufacturing jobs, “Opportunity usually shows up in overalls and looking like work.”

This summer, opportunity at Barn Light Electric showed up in company t-shirts and jeans as four interns took their places alongside our full-time staff to learn the processes behind creating American-made lighting. These four young men, three high school students and one college student, all grew up on the Space Coast and were welcomed into the Barn Light ranks in June.