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Furniture Collection


From desks and tables to stools and kitchen islands, our handcrafted furniture provides everything a home or business needs to embrace a fashionable yet rustic décor! A variety of wood species, stains and finish colors allow the customer to create the perfect piece to fit seamlessly into any room’s aesthetic.

Chairs & Stools

Take a seat! We offer a variety of options for your dining room table, kitchen island, restaurant communal table or home office.


Gather round! The dining table is the heart of any meal, and these meticulously crafted pieces are destined to become heirlooms.


Create a functional and decorative workspace with this collection of desks which are made to order and easy to customize.

Shelving & Storage

Accessories help define a space’s aesthetic. This collection of shelving and storage options brings character and ensures every space achieves its ideal look.

Kitchen Accessories

Elevate your kitchen décor with handcrafted furniture and accessories. An abundance of customizing options helps these pieces embrace any home’s particular style!

Bath Accessories

Handcrafted from quality materials and easy to customize with wood and metal options, these accessories offer an eye-catching aesthetic to any bath.

Hands-on Craftsmanship

With careful attention to every detail, our talented carpenters meticulously construct each piece of furniture entirely by hand. Timeless, skillfully crafted and impeccably stylish!

Wood Sourcing

We use only North American hardwoods from suppliers who engage in responsible forestry practices to ensure sustainability. Our suppliers actively combat illegal logging and have policies in place regarding planned felling, minimum tree diameter and felling rotation to ensure regrowth.


All finishing materials utilize natural oils which are hand rubbed and nontoxic. Each piece is then hand buffed with pure Carnauba wax to seal and protect the finish.

Our handcrafted furniture requires minimal maintenance in the form of a periodic dusting with a soft, cotton cloth. If additional waxing is desired, use a Carnauba-based paste wax and buff gently to restore the natural luster.