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Bulkhead Lighting Offers Smooth Sailing with Versatile Design, Finishes

We tend to be biased about the role lighting plays in a space. I mean, why shouldn’t your lighting be the center of attention and scream “Look at me!” to everyone who walks by?!

Alas, we do understand that sometimes lighting needs to offer a more subtle statement, to serve as a complement to the surrounding décor, and to balance style with functionality.


No other light fits that description better than Bulkhead Lighting. These nautical wall sconces have been around since early 20th century steamer ships plied the open seas and are making a comeback in the design world thanks to their versatility.


Inspired by classic bulkhead fixtures that lit narrow passageways without blocking the flow of traffic, these wall-hugging fixtures are a great choice for both residential and commercial areas. Featuring a guard and domed glass design, this adaptable sconce blends with almost any design scheme thanks to updated finish options.


For example, this cozy reading nook wouldn’t be the same with a ceiling pendant hanging down or a larger gooseneck light protruding from the wall. The Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount Light, however, suits this space perfectly providing a touch of light without interfering with the sight line of the window.

The Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount Light is available in both small and large sizes and extend less than four inches from the mounting surface. Customize this nautical wall sconce in your choice of a Barn Red, Black, Galvanized, Dark Green, or White finish color.


The Amidships also works well when you need exterior lighting to provide illumination but not detract from signage or other exterior features of your building.


Or in applications where no other light will fit like in this tight space between the roof line, the door, and the window. Both of the Amidships Bulkhead Lights above are customized with large globes and a Galvanized finish.


For a classic round nautical sconce, check out the Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture which also comes in both small and large sizes. This wall sconce is reminiscent of porthole lights you see on ships and comes with an industrial style cage over the frosted glass shield. This fixture is rated for both interior and exterior use so consider it for hallways and laundry rooms or porches and garages.

Reading nook photo courtesy of
Ronald F. DiMauro Architects and Warren Jagger Photography

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