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nautical lighting bulkhead lights 1024x683

Bulkhead Lighting Offers Smooth Sailing with Versatile Design, Finishes

We tend to be biased about the role lighting plays in a space. I mean, why shouldn’t your lighting be the center of attention and scream “Look at me!” to everyone who walks by?!

Alas, we do understand that sometimes lighting needs to offer a more subtle statement, to serve as a complement to the surrounding décor, and to balance style with functionality.

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barn chandelier rustic lighting

Barn Chandelier, Edison Light Bulbs for a Modern Bedroom

When facing an empty room it’s difficult for many homeowners to imagine what all the different pieces of furniture and accessories will look like when everything is finally in place. It’s often very helpful to bring in a professional to offer advice on bringing the many details of a space together so that it flows well and truly reflects your own style. This master bedroom is a beautiful blend of both modern and rustic touches and was created by our friend Mary Jo Fiorella of Fiorella Design. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Mary Jo brings an eclectic view to her clients’ projects.
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shallow bowl stem mount barn light

Barn Light Pendants, Vintage Ceiling Fan for Kids’ Bunk Room

When you own a home on the beach, you have lots of friends. And your kids will have friends too who want to spend time in the sun and the sand. So, instead of facing years of sleeping bags lying in every room and hallway, why not plan for the sleepovers that are bound to happen? This adorable bunk room, in a home on Cape Ann in Massachusetts, was designed by our friends Andra Birkerts of Andra Birkerts Design and Charles Myer & Partners. Not only is there plenty of space for snoozing teens and late-night pillow fights, the room features some playful barn pendants and an unusual vintage ceiling fan.

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