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Vintage Warehouse Shade Cast Guard

A Substitute For Dull Hallway Lighting


Depending on the decade, most homes saw the utilization of elongated flush mounted lights that focused on decorative molded glass fitters and elaborate etchings to line the ceilings of their halls. These traditional Victorian designs are still in use today, but with modern variations on the typical flush mount. The main draw back to this style is that it has come to be expected when walking down hallways, leaving no lasting memorable impression on this often forgotten space. With most remodeling occurring in larger open rooms, little attention is subsequently paid to smaller areas that are tucked away from view, like hallways. The potential to create something unique and memorable from this small area becomes apparent thanks to this latest customer submission. This unconventional solution to a common problem provides us insight with this revitalized hallway project. Breaking with tradition, the halls are illuminated by the addition of these two cord hung Warehouse Pendants that are complimented by a pair of guards and frosted glass units. This creative set up takes advantage of the higher ceiling height and ends up displaying a more diversified look to this traditional setting, ultimately creating some wow factor in a much needed space. By adding this American made light fixture one is certain to walk away with some much needed attention, insuring that a lasting impression was made thanks to the functional stylish design.

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