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A Colonial Revival

Linwood Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
The Colonial Era was known for a decorative style that was heavily influenced by Roman and Greek architecture. The ornate detail was carried over into lighting, which displayed etched scallop designs along with organic shapes. This style crossed over into the Victorian Era and became representative of the elegance and grace that defined this period. The Linwood Semi-Flush Ceiling Light showcases this influence in the details of the base and shade. Deep grooves decorate the base of this ceiling light, which extends down with chains supporting the ornamental glass shade. Versatility remains a strong trait of the Linwood Ceiling Light, the small size allows for it to be mounted in porches, pantries, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Due to the artistically engraved glass shade and decorative appearance this light is not limited to any particular architectural style. The Linwood Ceiling Light is a great fit for any room that needs a subtle semi-flush mount light that can add to the vintage authenticity of your home.

Linwood Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - 805F

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