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creekside may 09 001

Create Your Own Creekside Farmhouse!!


This beautiful Creekside Farmhouse is in Mazama, Washington in the North Cascade Mountains. The outside sconces add a beautiful delicate look to the rustic cabin. These vintage fixtures are the Barn Light Colby Sconces. Barn Light Electric’s Homestead Pendants are similar to the kitchen island lighting pictured above.One of our customers purchased our lights to compliment their dramatic setting. This cabin is nestled within the American portion of the North Cascades and the adjoining Skagit Range in British Columbia. This mountain range is considered one the most challenging mountaineering because of its extreme rugged steep topography. Imagine and awaken your senses with the sounds of the water trickling down the creek . Take a second and unwind. Let the stress of your day float away down these beautiful stream-lined lights. The stress of daily life can make genuine relaxation an elusive dream. Yet there is no reason life has to be filled with chaos and stress. If you take some time to learn how to relax, you can easily rediscover the joy of living. One way is to bring relaxation to your home. Create your own creek side farmhouse, add beautiful subtle changes with our lighting. Light up your own sanctuary inside and out. For more examples for farmhouse lighting, visit

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