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vintage green warehouse shades attraction lighting

Warehouse Shades in Vintage Green Light Up Modern Attraction

vintage_green_warehouse_shades_attraction_lighting-1024x766.jpgThere’s nothing like putting a new twist on an old favorite. Black lights have been popular for a long time and have been used in a variety of ways — for diagnostic purposes in medicine, in tanning beds, for curing plastic resins, and even for attracting insects to Grandma’s back porch bug zapper. And while they’ve also been used for decorative and artistic lighting, is anyone up for a round of Black Light Mini Golf? This attraction has taken the game of golf to a new level and must be especially challenging when trying to putt through the windmill on the 18th hole.

benjamin_stem_mount_warehouse_shade_vintage-300x300.jpgWe thought the lighting on the exterior of this attraction was equally interesting as the developer chose a mix of vintage and modern warehouse shades to highlight the signage and entrance. The three stem mount pendants under the roofline of the porch have a definite vintage look with that classic antique green finish. These lights were commonly used in warehouses and factories where a broad span of light was needed to highlight the work spaces. These pendants are much like our 16″ Benjamin® Warehouse Stem Mount Shade, part of our collection of Vintage Stem Mount Pendants. This shade is a classic, RLM warehouse shade manufactured in a time when only the highest quality materials were used in creating these lights. This Benjamin® Shade still sports the RLM sticker and comes in your choice of stem lengths ranging from six inches to 48″ long.

The gooseneck warehouse shades that flank the attraction’s sign look to be more modern versions of the warehouse shade with a darker green finish color. You can get this look as well from Vintage Barn Lighting with our 18″ Vintage Benjamin® Warehouse Gooseneck Shade. This fixture features a bright white porcelain interior to reflect light and can be finished with a black or raw aluminum gooseneck arm.

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