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Warehouse Shades in New Garage Mahal Hot Rod Episode


garage-mahal-logo-150x150.pngTo see our Barn Light Warehouse Pendants on national television, tune in or set your DVR’s for tomorrow night’s episode of Garage Mahal! Garage Mahal is a design show that transforms everyday, cluttered garages into remarkable work stations. Hot Rod Magazine will be featured on DIY Network Friday, December 17 at 8:30 p.m. ET. In this episode, host Bill Goldberg and his team update Hot Rod Magazine‘s multi bay tech garage.

Car enthusiasts and mechanics alike will be blown away by all of the polished chrome decor and memorabilia commemorating over 60+ years of muscle car history. A VIP lounge area is the focal point of the garage, where four cord hung, galvanized metal warehouse pendants hang over the bar counter. Warehouse pendants like the ones pictured above start at $99 and are available in shade sizes ranging from 12″ to 27″, with barn-light-galvanized-warehouse-shade.pngdozens of different finishes to chose from. A galvanized metal finish on the shades was chosen to complement the galvanized sheet metal, chrome rimmed bar stools, natural woods and other classic elements. These industrial themes gained popularity around the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, when America’s fascination with muscle cars began. Their cord hung mounting option allowed the design team to quickly install the warehouse pendants at a specific desired height above the bar area. If you’re unsure of your ceiling height, or have changed your mind on the final mounting height, all cord hung pendants from Barn Light Electric

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    I’m looking for galvanized wash tub pendants … do you have them. If so what sizes and price.

    Many Thanks


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