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Turning Up The Heat On Ordinary Warming Lights


Don’t let those bulky or cheaply made commercial heat lamps tarnish the stylish atmosphere that you have worked so hard to create for your restaurant. Many owners, in an attempt to cut costs, choose basic food warmer lamps that relay a bland message to their customers. One mistake that countless restaurant owners commit is to clutter a visible prep or display table with an inferior low-grade lighting fixture, this lack of attention often makes a difference between receiving a 3 or 5 star rating. Until now most warming lights were treated as utility fixtures, with little attention paid to the possibilities that could be achieved aesthetically with these high profile shades. Manufactured with the same durable American made quality as our warehouse lights, our Barn Light Electric Commercial Food Warming Pendants combine style and function together in a fully customizable package. Each light is customizable with mounting options that allows for black, white, grey mesh, or pull down coil cords for multi-purpose use and solid mounting options. With various models and finishes available our Food Warming Pendants provide elegant alternatives to, otherwise plain warming lights. If you’re looking to upgrade existing warming lights or building a new restaurant and want a stylish well-built substitute, then take a look at our stunning selection of Commercial Food Warming Pendants.


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    james rowland

    I am looking for to stainless or chrome heat lamps that hang from the ceiling for a carving station

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    Hi James! Here is a link to our complete collection of Restaurant Lighting. If you have any questions, please call our helpful sales staff at 800-407-8784 or email them at They can help you find exactly what you’re looking for! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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