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Traditional Gooseneck Lights with Off the Wall Uses

Nowadays, goPinterest.jpgoseneck lamps are being noticed everywhere. We have discovered barn lights over bathroom vanities, kitchen sinks and entryways. Not only do they have countless residential uses, but gooseneck lights are also used as sign and display lighting in stores, restaurants and commercial businesses.

Gooseneck lights were once used within industrial and agricultural areas – hence the term gooseneck barn lights! Gooseneck lighting was also chosen for its durability and ease of use. A gooseneck light could easily be mounted on a wall or post where ceiling space was limited or not present. The warehouse shades were constructed of tough materials like porcelain enamel so that they could last within the harsh environments they were placed in.

Today, barn lamps are made from various materials: porcelain enamel, aluminum and even copper. Whether you choose to purchase a vintage barn light or a newly designed style, gooseneck lights are the best choice for lighting any area. The rustic barn shown today has that old world charm found throughout America’s countryside, so there’s no doubt that the exterior lighting was American made as well! If you’re looking for a true American made gooseneck light, Barn Light Electric has a variety of options! To get that rustic farmhouse look like the one shown today, place a pair of our galvanized Chestnut Barn Lights over your garage.

We also offer more decorative styled gooseneck lights as well – the Evergreen Warehouse Shade has an ornate arm, making it perfect for a Victorian style home or bed and breakfast. If you have a smaller bungalow or indoor area that needs lighting, don’t miss our Mini Barn Lighting section. These lights are scaled down versions of our bestsellers, offering the same high quality construction and countless finish options but they have a much smaller price tag!

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