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LED pendant lighting

Top Ten Reasons to Make the Leap to LED Lighting

Call me nostalgic, but I miss the days when the biggest decision you faced in the light bulb aisle was whether to buy 60 or 100 watts. Have you looked at light bulbs lately? There are literally hundreds to choose from with differences not only in wattage but in color, brightness, life expectancy, efficiency, and, of course, cost.

You can find plenty of information online about what these differences mean, but the one thing experts agree on is that LED lighting is, by far, the most efficient and longest-lasting option on the market.

But LEDs are expensive, you say. Actually, the price of LED lights has dropped dramatically in recent years, and the technology has improved with LEDs offering the warm light typical of incandescent bulbs.

To help you make the leap into LEDs, we’ve compiled our Top Ten reasons for buying LED lighting from Barn Light Electric. Drum roll please…


Reason #10: You get the best of both worlds! All of our LED lighting is American made of commercial grade materials and hand crafted by our own artisans to provide you years of service. You won’t have to sacrifice quality or style for efficiency.


Reason #9: Many of our most popular styles of pendants, gooseneck lights, and wall sconces are now offered with an LED module that is about 85 percent more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Higher efficiency translates to less time teetering on a ladder trying to remember “rightie tightie, leftie loosey.”


Reason #8: Our signature collection of porcelain enamel lighting, with its durable, high-gloss finish, is available with LEDs that can be customized with lens and lumens options. You can’t buy these anywhere else in America, and this is the one light you can simply sit back and enjoy for years to come!

Reason #7: All of our LED modules come from Cree, Inc., the nation’s leading innovator in LED lighting. Located in North Carolina, Cree has received thousands of patents in countries all over the world since its entry into the lighting industry almost 30 years ago.


Reason #6: Thanks to Cree’s continuing efforts to improve LEDs, we now offer a Cast Guard & Glass LED Collection with a powerful LED light source that tucks into the jelly jar glass and reflects brilliantly in these rustic style fixtures.

Reason #5: Most of the energy emitted from incandescent bulbs is converted to heat instead of light. Since LED lights are about 85 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs (see #9 above), they consume significantly less energy and don’t emit as much heat.


Reason #4: Because of Reason #5, Sommer Collier, blogger and creative food master at A Spicy Perspective, chose LED lighting for her kitchen. Not only does Sommer keep her cool in the kitchen,  but the bright, white light of her LED pendants is perfect for her daily photo shoots.


Reason #3: Be earth friendly every time you flip the switch! LEDs contain no hazardous materials and can be disposed of much easier than CFLs or fluorescent tubes which contain mercury. According to the Department of Energy, widespread adoption of LEDs by 2025 would help eliminate 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions. And the Earth says, “Thank you!”


Reason #2: LEDs offer more focused light than incandescents. Less light spill means you get light exactly where you want it!

Reason #1: Did we mention free shipping on orders more than $200? Nothing is better than free — except maybe Friday afternoon off, but hey, free shipping comes pretty close!


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