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Three Cheers for Craft Beer & American-Made Barn Lights

In the five years since we featured Highland Brewing’s rooftop bar in this blog post, locals and tourists alike have flocked to this picturesque spot to enjoy some of the country’s finest beer. Nestled in the craft-beer haven of Asheville, North Carolina, Highland chose Barn Light Electric fixtures to brighten the rooftop, parking lot, and walkways.

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Brock Ashburn, of Ashburn Builders, created the rooftop bar which sits atop the brewery’s Event Center. Both spots are popular for private parties and weddings with ceremonies taking place on the roof and receptions below. Brock created a rustic industrial feel for the venue which plays well with the hip manufacturing vibe of the craft beer industry.

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“People are curious and attracted to the process that gets their beer into a bottle or glass,” Brock explains. “We wanted to mix an industrial/manufacturing look with an event space that can accommodate lots of people comfortably.”


Brock and the design team chose the classic Original™ Warehouse Gooseneck Light to provide the lighting needed for this heavily trafficked commercial space. These American-made gooseneck lights sport 16″ shades, a Galvanized finish, and G2 gooseneck arms. The 39″ projection of the arm positions the shade away from the façade casting light directly over the walkways and parking lot.

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To complement the Galvanized fixtures, Brock used reclaimed wood and steel trusses throughout the property along with a shipping container repurposed as a bar.

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“The galvanized finish works well with the stainless, wood, steel, and dark paint,” he notes. “And the long gooseneck arm is great because you can have the light pole in one place but the shade projects out where you need it.” The Original™ is one of Barn Light’s most popular shades which is handspun from commercial-grade aluminum. The shades are then finished, assembled, and shipped directly from Barn Light’s Florida manufacturing facility.


“The lights are perfect especially since the city has gotten more stringent with its lighting code. The downlighting works well for us,” Brock says. “I’m very proud to buy from a company that makes light fixtures on the East Coast!”

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