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Copper Minimalist Vintage Industrial Pendant

The Industrial Era Is Reborn With This Vintage Pendant


The pursuit to create classic lighting from remnants of the past, reflecting a vintage industrial influence with historic charm, remains as the main objective here at Barn Light Electric. While providing the highest level of quality, our American made lighting draws inspiration from light designs originally manufactured in the early to mid 1900’s, recreating a period of innovation and creativity. The Second Industrial Revolution saw truly creative lighting designs developed for manufacturing facilities, shops, and factories that focused on maximum performance and simplified elegance. Representative of this movement, the Minimalist Copper Cage Pendant personifies the simplistic beauty of this genre through the single copper socket design and optional cage that surrounds the bulb. This vintage throwback is reminiscent of many of the factory ceiling and desk lights that were outfitted with an encapsulated wire cage that served as a protecting feature in an industrial setting. Another unique difference that differs from its predecessor is that the socket and canopy on the Minimalist Copper Pendant is composed of copper instead of brass. Replacing the solid flexible conduit and single rubber electrical cord is a cotton twist cord, which provides a stylistic difference to the traditional way in which this light was originally hung. Adding the finishing touch to this fixture is the ability to use a Nostalgic Edison Bulb with a squirrel cage filament, completing the historic appearance of this pendant.

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