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Factory WIndow Gooseneck Angle Shade

Finding The Right Lighting For A Unique Retail Setting


Looking for creative alternatives to the standard retail environment, most businesses are giving up the stark white setting for a blend of rustic and industrial elements. Although unique, this hybrid of nostalgic styles serves as a money saving way to create a one of a kind space out of many reclaimed woods and metals that would have been thrown away or sold for scrap. The perfect balance of recycled building materials and modern convenience is often a fine line to walk between the two styles, but when they are combined in the right combination they can bring an instant wow factor to any place of business. This ideal marriage of old and new can be seen in this latest photo that demonstrates the use of reclaimed wood, windows, and doors. Utilizing the natural stains from the aged wooden planks, a rich tapestry of browns come alive, highlighted by dark knots seated within the pine boards that frame the room and make up the walls of this stunning store. Separating the showroom from the main office is the use of an antique set of factory windows with a mixture of wavy glass and frosted windowpanes that create a faux wall, providing privacy and an open environment. With such a unique combination of styling, coming up with a light to accent this rustic, industrial environment is the key to completing this setting. To meet the needs of this store, the use of a series of galvanized Angled Sign Lights on the interior walls, allowing an ample amount of light to shine against the display wall and downward at the work area. To recreate this look in your home or office, the use of our 12” Angle Shades on HL-A Goosenecks can provide a cohesive look to any rustic or modern setting. This versatile American made light is available in a wide selection of finishes to meet any setting, with additional custom options for various gooseneck arms and wattages.


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