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sharkeez caribbean barn lighting

The Barn Lights of the Caribbean


When traveling outside of the continental US, rarely do you consider that you might run into examples of barn lights, especially when you’re talking about the Caribbean. This broad assumption, while on the surface might sound correct; many ports of call such as Nassau in the Bahamas experience a large volume of tourism. Local shops in these areas seem to be growing and making strides to further improve the aesthetics of their shops, hoping to bring more customers in with a friendly mix of local and worldly styling. This unique mix of trends can prove to be the ideal setting for the unique charm that is created through the use of our light fixtures. This theory was proven upon a recent trip I made to Nassau, where it was discovered that you don’t have to be on the mainland to find our barn lighting.

barn-light-mini-gooseneck-light1.jpgAs I made my way back to the Carnival cruise ship I had arrived on, I stopped at the last shop en route to my ship, Sharkeez Gift Shop & Tee’s. I was expecting to find myself amidst the usual Bahamian motif that I encountered the entire day, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I walked into. Upon entering I was shocked to see a spacious open showroom with full figured pirate statues accompanying more refined boutique accoutrements, which was very refreshing. In addition to this, there was additional detail paid to the lighting, which was a drastic departure from the run of the mill track lights and fluorescents that were placed in every shop along the port. This particular shop had a series of Mini Angle Shade Gooseneck lights acting as display lighting against their walls, with the stylish Holophane Pendant providing lighting to customers from above.

holophane-caribbean-pendant-lighting.jpgThese rustic lights, when combined with the Rosewood finish, provided an enriched elegance that blended well with the hardwood floors and additional wooden display pieces. By playing off of the contemporary appearance shared by both types of light fixtures, the balance of style acted as an accompanying element and not a competing display piece. This important aspect can sometimes elude some designers and Do-It-Yourselfers, but not on this project, the follow-through and attention to detail created an ideal balance between the traditional Bahamian style and various cultural influences. With the crisp industrial lines of the Holophane Pendant and Mini Angle Shade, a modern element was added to the more rustic décor. This ultimately was brought together with the mix of deep browns and blonde hues that the acid washed brass of the Rosewood provides, creating a harmonious environment with this eclectic blending worldly of styles.

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