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The Arlington Sconce | Newest Member to the Barn Light Family!

We’ve never been one to leave you hanging on the edge of your seats, just waiting for something new and exciting to happen, now have we? A few months back, we introduced to you a selection of new durable porcelain enamel lights, so it’s about time we switched it up for our customers and added a new wall sconce to the family.


The Arlington Wall Sconce is a smaller barn light with apparent rustic influences. While the Arlington, at this time, does not come standard with our durable enamel coating, it is a scaled down version of the Goodrich® Esso Gooseneck Light. Now just because this new farmhouse light isn’t a porcelain fixture doesn’t mean that it won’t maintain a vivid color. The powder coated finish is rich yet very rugged, and endures every harsh climate and any inhospitable outdoor area.


Not just confined to exteriorapplications, this versatile little sconce offers a variety of possibilities for many interior projects that seek a traditional RLM look with a shorter projection and a unique rustic style. Whether it is used for interior or exterior use, the finish options range between neutral and bold. If you were hoping to make a statement the options for red, green, and bronze might catch your eye. However, if you need to compliment an already busy area then you might benefit from a more neutral look, this fixture is available in black, white, or galvanized – a little bit or something for everybody!

Enough about the cosmetic details, right? The Arlington Wall Sconce, as previously stated, was inspired by gooseneck barn lights that pair rustic structure with a touch of modern grace. A slightly stacked neck is attached to the decorative wall mount by a simple, slender arc. For continuity, the mounting plate features a similar layered look as the tiny RLM shade. This design has been spotted throughout the rural United States on old wooden stables, sheds, and barns. Because of the small mounting plate, they can be used in between stalls and next to doorways; essentially anywhere that needs a light within a tight squeeze. We’re willing to offer you up a great piece of mind – the Arlington is American made for durability, as well as long-lasting strength and style.


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    From what points is the 11 inch height of the Arlington wall sconce measured? Thanks, Nancy

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    Hi Nancy,
    The 11″ is from the bottom of the baseplate — the round piece that attaches to the wall — to the top of the curve of the gooseneck arm. Does that help? If you need more info, please call our sales team at 800-407-8784 and they’ll be happy to help!

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    We really like this sconce and are interested in the “barn red.” However, the color chart on the order webpage portrays the color as a dark dull red. We are interested in a bright red, as portrayed on this page above and in other pages where your red lighting fixtures are displayed. Can you confirm the “barn red” powder coating is a bright red? Or, is there any way to get a sample of it to see if first?


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    Hi Vicki! While the Barn Red finish isn’t a dull red, it isn’t exactly a bright, primary red. If you would like to shoot us an email at or call 800-407-8784, we would be more than happy to take down your address to send you whichever finish samples you would like. Have a great day!

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    Hi! I’ve ordered from you before and am so happy with my lights. I’m now looking for two wall sconces to go over my Dining Room Table. I’m thinking of these 8-inch wide Arlington Sconces with the 200-watt bulbs.
    Can they be put on a Dimmer Switch? Thanks!

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    Hi Suzanne,
    Yes, most any light, even our LED lights, can be put on a dimmer by a qualified electrician. The 8″ Arlington Sconce is a sweet little fixture and if you check out our Photo Gallery, you’ll see some nice insetting shots of this exact fixture. If you have any question, just email our sales staff at or give them a call at 800-407-8784. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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    John Cochran

    My wife and I are looking for two wall sconces to go over our bed as reading lights. Do any of your smaller wall scones come with an on-off switch so we could reach up and turn it off at the fixture? THank you.

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    Hi John! If you are still hunting for the perfect reading light, we do have an expanding line of small wall sconce that features vintage style turnkeys. One of our favorites is the Fargo Wall Sconce:

    Keep an eye out (or subscribe to our newsletter) as we are going to be launching another vintage-inspired wall sconce with the turnkey very soon!

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    I am looking to use 2 Arlington sconces on my covered porch. Can I have these wired or is the only exterior option plug in?

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    Hi Babs! The Arlington Sconce is “wet rated” which means you can use them indoors or out. They are hard wired although we do have a plug-in option which is damp rated. If you’re looking to use these on a covered porch, the standard Arlington Sconce would be your best bet. You can customize these sconces with shade size, finish color, and add a wire cage if you like or a dusk-to-dawn photo cell which will turn your light on at dusk and off at dawn.

    If you have any additional questions, please call our toll free number at 800-407-8784, chat with us during business hours with our Live Chat function, or email us at

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    Hi there, I am deciding between this sconce and a Wheeler Esso or Austin for my kids’ bathroom. I initially was leaning towards this one a) because of the price and b) because of the slightly shorter projection. But, I just don’t know aesthetically the difference between the porcelain or the others and the non-porcelain of this one.

    My sink/vanity is only 19 7/8 deep and 47 1/4 inches wide. The other options could be the fargo or the Mini Artesia, but these are slightly smaller lights.

    Of the 5 lights mentioned, which would you recommend for the size of my vanity?


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