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Swingarm Sconces Supply Bedroom Lighting for Overnight Guests

One would think that a feminine bedroom would be made up of wall-to-wall pink and purple frills. Not quite – the smallest piece of floral print can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes traditional farmhouse bedrooms can be mistaken as feminine because of the soft colors and floral pieces used, but here it’s likely anyone would enjoy catching some shuteye.

Keeping the walls and ceilings painted the same neutral color makes the room appear larger than it really is (designers have used this trick for years). Substitute crisp, white trim around doors, windows, and floors to make the room have a timeless air about it. Want an unusual looking headboard? Looking closely above, the clever headboard is nothing but a re-purposed mantle found at a local flea market. The homeowner created a covertly feminine look with a discreet floral center and fresh roses nearby. Would you say that these complete the bedroom? Almost, but not quite!

We’ve told you time and time again that bedside lighting is key when it comes to ensuring your guests are comfortable during their stay. The true beauty of this room is that nearly any style of fixture could have been selected. Whether they wanted mini gooseneck barn lights or modern atomic pendants, a multitude of designs and finishes would have easily worked. Bedside reading lamps almost identical to the Central Park Swingarm Sconce were clearly the best choice though. An easy to reach switch near the shade makes it a cinch to turn on and off, while the adjustable swingarm neck lets it be pulled closer or pushed away when you’re ready to doze off.

Available in four traditional finishes, the Central Park Swingarm Sconce will make a welcome addition to any room in your home. You may even wish to use it within a home office or parlor.

Top Photo Courtesy of DIY Network


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