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What Is Barn Light’s Commercial Division?

Founded on the belief that lighting should be stylish, dependable, and efficient, we are a leading American manufacturer of porcelain enamel, RLM, and architectural lighting. With influences from both vintage and contemporary designs, we partner high performance fixtures with unique styles, letting lighting serve an important aesthetic purpose within commercial settings.

As part of mission to offer fashionable, meticulously engineered lighting to businesses throughout the country, our Commercial Division provides lighting for new construction projects, large scale remodels and rebrands, and commercial spaces. With one-on-one assistance from commercial agents and our in-house sales consultants, it’s easy to discover lighting fixtures with the proper technical and optical features and aesthetic requirements for any application and project. For custom fixtures, our engineers and design specialists provide guidance and advice as you create truly one-of-a-kind designs.

Who Does The Commercial Division Typically Work With?

Commercial Agents and our dedicated Inside Sales Consultants guide designers, architects, engineers, National Account Distributors, and other professionals through the numerous lighting options and products available for their projects. Our Commercial Division focuses on specification, distribution, and to bring stylish, high-performance lights to businesses across the United States and Canada. From the initial specification to the time the lights arrive at the site, associates from our Commercial Division are available to expediently handle any questions that may arise.

What styles and types of Lighting does Barn Light manufacture?

From vintage RLM shades and classic lights to chic minimalist designs and other emerging contemporary aesthetics, our diverse assortment of styles, mountings, and options ensures every commercial setting receives its ideal look. With porcelain enamel, artisan manufacturing techniques, and custom capabilities, designers and other professionals can create a spec that’s true to their original vision for their projects.

To ensure your project receives dependable and highly efficient fixtures, our RLM and architectural lights are offered with cutting-edge LED technology. Integrated directly into the fixture’s structure, our LED lights offer a variety of lumen packages, multiple color temperatures, several optical distributions, and unprecedented efficacy.

What makes vintage-style lighting so special?

First found in early 20th century homes, public buildings, and businesses, vintage-style fixtures possess the innate ability to ground contemporary décors with a timeless character. To honor and continue the legacies of historic lighting companies, our collections of porcelain lights are named after Goodrich®, Ivanhoe®, Benjamin®, Steber, and Wheeler™ — manufacturers who emphasized meticulous construction and quality materials in their designs. At Barn Light, we hold ourselves to these same high standards and strive to construct long-lasting, durable, and stylish fixtures.

How is Barn Light different than other companies?

A genuine commitment to craftsmanship is at the heart of each light we produce. To reflect industry quality standards, our lights are expertly engineered, machined, and assembled by our dedicated team entirely in our Florida-based manufacturing facility. Holding the lights in our hands as they’re constructed lets us pay careful attention to the finer details, ingraining a sense of dependability directly into every shade we create.

We are responsible for the revival of porcelain enamel lighting, and remain the only company manufacturing these lights exclusively in the United States. Porcelain enamel, once a staple of lighting industry, provides the extra layer of protection necessitated by installation in high volume commercial settings. Along with this practical purpose, porcelain enamel vividly conveys color by glistening in the sunlight. A resilient material, porcelain retains its color longer than other finish options. Coupled together, these benefits make porcelain enamel truly unlike any other finish.

From iconic stadiums and public and community spaces to department stores and national restaurant franchises, we’re proud to manufacture numerous lighting solutions for every commercial application. With a dedication to craftsmanship, the latest technologies, and both vintage and modern styles, we endeavor to create the highest performance and most stylish lighting fixtures imaginable.