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style me sunday rustic utilitarian for fall interior design

Style Me Sunday: Rustic and Utilitarian Unite for Fall Trends

With fall trend forecasts spreading like wildfire, we can’t help but ponder the history behind them. Words like “rustic” and “utilitarian” are commonplace influences on the list — but why?

The utilitarian lifestyle emphasizes the pursuit of function and happiness. It makes sense that surrounding ourselves with purpose-filled objects inspire us to be more industrious. As much as we love baubles and bookends, nothing beats a beautifully crafted product that reminds us of our hard-working roots.




Style Me Sunday: Rustic, Utilitarian Style for Fall Interior Design

  • 1. No-fuss design draws attention to the Hudson’s sturdy composition. From hearty steel legs to a recycled Merritt Island Pine top, this industrial sofa table makes an effortless impact in spaces from stylish loft to traditional townhouse.
  • 2. Space saving, timeless design, and unmatched American craftsmanship makes the Wheeler Dino Wall Sconce a must have for compact utility spaces.
  • 3. This Ingrained Railway- Screen Print on Wood is a hand-crafted original depicting a railway passing through an old manufacturing plant. There is something about bringing a piece of wood art into the home that creates a sense of warmth and ingenuity.
  • 4. From illuminating factory floors to modern home lighting, the Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant has the function of classic hanging task lights with the added charm of bright finished cups and custom cords.

Favorite Kitchen Goods | Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant

  • 5. The Brixton Wall Clock was inspired by original schoolhouse clocks. Its retro clock face showcases chunky typography while its minute marks adds a welcome pop of color.
  • 6. This brilliant Leather Hanging Plant Holder in Tan is crafted from up-cycled leather scraps and perfect for displaying household plants. Its understated style shows off texture and rustic richness.
  • 7. Everything must have a place, so you might as well enjoy your organization. Hang your keys, scarves or hats on this Green and Silver Coat Rack!

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