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shallow bowl pendant

Featured Customer | Holly Mathis Interiors

shallow-bowl-pendant.pngHolly Mathis is an interior designer who always finds a way to amaze us! A perfect example of this is her most recent project: a 9×10 bedroom for her own two boys.

Typical kids’ rooms are filled with the colors of toys, bedding and posters, but Holly has managed to create a fun place for two young boys that also blends in with the rest of the home’s decor. She was able to utilize plenty of existing accessories, only needing a little paint, the swapping out of a dresser and plenty of rearranging. Just before finishing, she installed a Shallow Bowl Shade in the center of the room. She needed a simple, stylish light that wouldn’t add to the busyness of the room. We think the barn pendant fits in perfectly!

Whether she’s working for a client or within her own home, Holly’s designs always reflect the passions of the people who reside within them. Holly likes to say she “fell in to” interior decorating in June 2005, when her oldest son was born. This was also the time when her home was first featured within Better Homes & Gardens magazine! Holly was gracious enough to spend a few minutes with us to share some of her design insight. Keep reading!

BL: What was the most important thing to accomplish in the room?

HM: The drapes, fabric is always where I start and my inspiration.

BL: Is designing a child’s room easier or more difficult than rooms for adult?

HM: Great question, any room is fun but there is a special joy about designing a space for a child. They get so excited when you use their drawings or art and they have so many interesting things, even their winter coats and sweaters are cute, but often there is a lot that has to be packed into a children space so I guess it’s a toss up!

BL: What’s next? Are there any new up and coming projects around your home?

HM: I am working on my exterior and a 1931 cottage for my mom!

BL: Where did your love for interior design begin?

HM: My mom is a real estate broker and my grandmother was a decorator so I have always been around house plans and wallpaper books even though I didn’t study it in college.

BL: How did you choose the barn light that you did?

HM: I wanted simplicity since the room is so eclectic and busy.

BL: What’s your favorite thing about barn lights?

HM: They are so classic and vintage and boyish. It’s hard to find cute things for boys people think, but not really.


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