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Rustic Lighting and Accessories Used In Country Homes

Photo (left) courtesy of Apartment Therapy. As shown (right) The Everson Wall Sconce, Old Bronze, Shade #444, $219.00 each.

Rustic Farmhouse style is achieved by combining natural materials like leather or wood, rusted metals, garden elements, and natural fabrics made from cotton, wool, or animal hides. Rooms with a rustic farmhouse style generally feature subdued colors, vintage textiles, simple furniture, and down-to-earth accessories. A country color scheme showcases time-worn, muted tones while a modern approach to country design lends itself to a richer, more colorful palette. The overall style is fairly simple to achieve and maintain, and with your trusty golden retriever by your side, the room shown above easily becomes attainable.

Rustic Farmhouse style has gained popularity over the past few months and stores such as West Elm or Pottery Barn carry many of the items featured above. Whether you wish to shop local flea markets, or online, no two rooms will ever be the same. Down comforters and burlap materials welcome guests for a restful nights sleep, while worn, wooden accents house colorful accents. Perched over the bedside sits two unique wall sconces. Their pulley style arms represent a vintage country style that was once popular at the turn of the 20th century. By placing two sconces next to the bed, you are given a soft, gentle glow allowing you to read or unwind after a long day.

Similar to The Everson Wall Sconce at Barn Light Electric, this vintage style fixture is available in multiple finish and shade options to match your space. It’s delicate gooseneck arm extends to house the cord, while the counterweight keeps the shade balanced and allows for adjusting the shade higher or lower. The Everson can be considered one of our universal sconces, as it is not limited to only bedroom applications, but can also be placed in bathrooms, offices, or living rooms.

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