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RLM-Inspired Warehouse Shade a Classic Light for Businesses

barn_light_warehouse_shade_commercial_lighting.jpgIt’s Friday and all eyes are on the weekend ahead! What adventure do you have in store? If you have teens and tweens in the house looking for something new and exciting, check out Moondance Adventures, a small company based in North Carolina that offers world-wide adventure activities like whitewater rafting, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and fly fishing for kids. A recent drive by their office shows they also have an adventurous spirit in lighting! These handsome gooseneck lights beckon would-be travelers into the building and provide safety and security to the area after dark.

These shades are much like our Rodeo Warehouse Gooseneck Light, a classic RLM-inspired warehouse shade perfectly suited for commercial lighting applications that need plenty of downward directed light. The American-made Rodeo is crafted from commercial grade steel and comes in two sizes — both 18 and 20 inches. It also sports a beefy G24 gooseneck arm that lends a 22-plus-inch projection from the wall surface. Picking out your finish color is an adventure in itself as there are a dozen gorgeous and durable powdercoat colors to choose from! Does Barn Red suit your business or perhaps you’re more of Buttery Yellow or Industrial Grey type of place? The gooseneck arm can match your shade color or select Black, White, Galvanized, or Brushed Aluminum as a contrasting color.the_rodeo_warehouse_shade_gooseneck-300x224.jpg

If you’re looking to add even more character and style to your commercial lighting, consider adding a wire cage or a cast guard and glass to the Rodeo. These options not only add a hint of vintage flavor but will protect your light bulb in high traffic areas. Rated for wet locations, the Rodeo will provide years of service to your business, but don’t let that stop you from considering this shade for residential use. The Rodeo adds a rugged touch to garages, workshops, shed, and front porches too!

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