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Rebirth Of The Classic Drop Light

Factory Benjamin Drop Light

In the early part of the 20th century, Benjamin® Electric specialized in the manufacturing of various types of porcelain RLM shades that were placed in warehouses and factories. This light design garnered much praise throughout the years due to functionality and durability, leading to a modern day Urban Revival, punctuated by these familiar shades. The typical warehouse shade was identified by a deeper shade design due to the elongated walls and a familiar dark green finish. This design was ideal for larger areas, but the need for a smaller shop light was evident.

To answer this call, Benjamin® produced a small drop light to position above work areas and counters that required closer more intense light. However due to their small size, most of these shades were thrown out because of the rusting on the mounting hardware making them few and far between. With a nod to this vintage factory shop light, we added the Benjamin® Industrial Pendant, which displays the same stripped down appearance and classic lines first used almost 70 years ago.

The Benjamin® Pendant cuts no corners in craftsmanship, being American made with the finest materials and a long list of customizable options. Due to its uncomplicated composition, the Benjamin® Pendant comes with choices in finish for both the shade and receiving cup, transforming this light from a traditional historic re-creation to an Industrial Victorian hybrid. Depending on the setting and decor for this light, the option to have a more time-honored cloth cord is available along with the choice for a standard black or white cord.

When coupled with a Nostalgic Edison Style Light Bulb, this fixture comes alive with a rich orange glow, adding the finishing touch to this historic design. The notable charm gained from the addition of this nostalgic bulb combined with the condensed 10″ shade size and long list of custom finishes makes the Benjamin® Pendant the ideal fit for bars, islands, countertops, and tables. This popular fixture may have started out modestly as a work light, but now lends its workhorse reputation to a new generation of homeowners, builders, and designers.



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    I would like to purchase drop pendant lights with custom cords lengths, can these be put on track adapters and do you sell 8foot track rails as well

    What is the turnaround time on such an order ?

    Sharon 707 895 9589

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    Hi Sharon,
    You can certainly order almost all of the pendants that we offer with longer cords, to receive pricing all you will need to do is call and speak with one of our sales associates and let them know what length you would need.  If you know what finish and options you want they’ll be able to price that out for you.

    In reference to your question about the option for track adapters, we do not offer the option for tracks or track adapters but depending on the track you decide to go with they may have a universal track adapter that can be used to clip in hardwired pendants.
    As for the lead time, since these fixtures are hand made there will be a slight manufacturing time, depending on the fixture you can most likely expect a manufacturing time of 7-14 business days.

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    Is it possible to change the drop pendant so a 100watt bulb can be used? Thank you.

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    Hi Jani,

    Unfortunately, due to the decorative socket, only a 60W bulb may be used. However, for a similar look, the Skylark Shallow Bowl Pendant can use up to a 200W bulb, except when a cotton cord is selected, which can only accommodate a 60W maximum bulb:

    Hopefully this helps! If you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call. One of our sales reps would be happy to help you with any questions and making a selection!

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    Anna Robertson

    I have a question could you reccomend a light pendent for my sewing room? I need of task lighting along with cans. I prefer pendants

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    Hi Anna,
    The best thing to do is browse our pendant collections — and also and see what you are drawn to for your sewing room. Take some measurements in your room such as ceiling height and size of the space then call our sales department and they’ll help you narrow down your choices. Take a look at the finish colors and think about what might work in your space as well. You can either call the sales team at 800-407-8784 or email them at Happy hunting!

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    do you show all the colors for the pendants? I only see black green and red. interested to see galvanized, metal, chocolate, etc. thanks

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    Hi Dan,
    Not sure which pendants you are looking at but on each product page you will see a box that says “finish” and if you click on that, you’ll see a complete list of finishes available for that particular light.

    For example, for the Benjamin Industrial Light shown above, there are currently 15 powder coat finish colors available for this light. We have a few insetting images on that page that show the light and you can also browse our Photo Gallery to see customer photos of different lights with a variety of finish colors and options.

    If you want to see some samples of any our finish colors, please contact our sales department at 800-407-8784 or via email at Thanks for your interest in our products!

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    Do you have any corded fixtures that can be made into plug-in fixtures or do they all need to be hardwired?

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    We are interested in the Barn Light Benjamin Industrial Pendant for our kitchen. Can this be mounted on an angled ceiling? The angle is approximately 45 degrees. Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Emily! Yes, these cord-hung fixtures can be installed on a sloped ceiling. Someone from our sales team will be in touch today to talk specifics and answer any other questions you may have. You can see all of the customizing options for the Benjamin Industrial Pendant at this link — — Thanks for checking out the blog!

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