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Professional’s Corner | Q&A with Jewel & Ty Murray’s Designer

In yesterday’s blog, we had a good look at the exterior of the beautiful ranch home of singer/songwriter Jewel and her pro rodeo cowboy husband Ty Murray. Their designer is Kim Lewis of Kim Lewis Designs who is also the Production Designer for ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Kim met the famous couple during the filming of that series and was asked to lead the redesign of the couple’s home which sits on more than 2,000 acres in Stephenville, Texas. Today, we venture inside to see what lighting choices Kim helped the couple make.


radial_wave_flute_pendant.jpgQ: Why did you choose to use barn lighting for this home?
A: Being a ranch home, the barn lights added the perfect amount of personality and character. I love that the barn lights are a “nod” to the ranch home but progressively stylish and vintage all at the same time.

Q: Why was lighting so important to the Murray family?
A: Excellent and efficient lighting was critical for this remodel. The key is to give the client options with recessed cans, accent lighting, and decorative fixtures…. on dimmers.

Q: What fixtures did you choose for the bathrooms and why did you choose these particular lights?
A: For the guest bath pendant light, we used the Barn Light Electric Radial Wave Flute Pendant. We fell in love with the outback_warehouse_pendant1.jpgantique turn key and the Edison light bulb features. In a different guest bath where the overall design was more masculine and rustic, I used the Outback Warehouse Pendant. We combined tile that looks like wood planks on the floor and shower with a red vanity and steel-colored counter tops. Because the accent color was red, we ordered this fixture with a red guard finish. It honestly looks like the fixture was customized for the space!

Yes, Kim, this illustrates one very good reason why customers enjoy shopping with Barn Light Electric. You get quality, American made fixtures that can be customized in dozens of way to fit your own personal style and space! Thanks for the tour Kim!

Photos courtesy of Kim Lewis Designs

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