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Mini Wall Sconces Twin Treat for Jack-and-Jill Bath

If you grew up watching The Brady Bunch in the early 70s, you probably remember the Jack-and-Jill bathroom shared by the kids in that famous family. While having three boys and three girls share a bathroom is hardly reality TV, the shared layout of a Jack-and-Jill space is one that architects and interior designers often recommend to families with multiple children.

For Mike in Lebanon, Indiana, a shared bathroom with two doors works well for his son and daughter. The siblings share the sink and vanity area while the shower and toilet are in a separate space. Interior designer Michele Boggs of MB Designs, worked with Mike to personalize the shared space with paint color and mini wall sconces.


“We wanted the kids’ bathroom to be playful and have unique design elements, yet be a space that provided functional lighting,” Michele says. Mike was browsing through photos on Houzz when he found a picture of the Barn Light Mini Artesia Wall Sconce and knew he’d found the perfect light.


“I liked the classic appearance of the lights but also that they were available in some vibrant colors,” Mike explains. He and Michele chose the Industrial Grey finish color for the son’s side and the Magenta for the daughter.  Both of these wall sconce lights are American made and customized with a G33 Mini Straight Arm.


“We wanted functional lighting and the Barn Light Electric lights achieved just that,” Michele says. “The lights are a perfect fit for the overall design.” With its six-inch wide shade, this mini warehouse light provides just the right spot of illumination in bathrooms, hallways, or other tight spaces.


“The sconces provide excellent light and look great,” Mike says. “We have gotten lots of compliments on their unique color and character.” Having a client deeply involved in the design process was a bonus for Michele.


“Mike was fantastic to work with,” she notes, “and his home turned out beautifully!”

Photos courtesy of MB Designs


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    Adorable! Is this a remodel or new house? Who is the contractor?

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    The above pictures are featured from a new construction project. The builder was Thrine Constuction from Lebanon, IN.

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