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Porcelain Warehouse Shades in Hawaiian General Store

One of Maui, Hawaii’s landmark businesses, the Honolua Store, uses warehouse shades to showcase its goods.

Barn Light Electric sells vintage barn lights resembling the light fixtures shown above. Many of the early, American made vintage lights were produced by companies such as Benjamin®, Appleton, Crouse-Hinds or the Miller Company. The fixtures retain the original finish thanks to a porcelain enamel coating that prevents corrosion. Barn Light Electric has been able to clean and rewire each light, allowing them to be easily installed. Many of the lights are RLM warehouse shades, which means they were built to comply with standards set by the association Reflector and Lamp Manufacturers (RLM).

The vintage industrial lighting pictured above was used in a store that served a local, rural community. It was once home to hundreds of pineapple plantation workers during the mid 1900’s. According to the Library of Congress, the Honolua Store was “the primary source of supplies for the surrounding community during the time of the Honolua Plantation and it has remained an important feature of the area as the transition was made from plantation to tourism and vacation rentals.”

Today, the Honolua Store sells produce, clothing and other merchandise to local workers and vacation resort visitors. The historic building has been remodeled with barn pendants resembling that of years ago. A writer from Maui.net credited the re-design team and the inviting lighting design for preserving the history and spirit of the original plantation.

“I’m very relieved to report that in spite of the recent expansion and decidedly upscale market appeal, the original flavor and intent of the Plantation-style company store is still happily intact…It’s clear that the designers were painfully aware of the importance of retaining the fundamental nature and personality of the place while improving and expanding on what it had to offer. No small feat, they’ve managed to preserve the unique charm and spirit of the old country store.”

Photos Courtesy of The Library of Congress

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