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Porcelain Pendant Lights for Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in a home, and by adding Ivanhoe® porcelain pendants, you can achieve a warm and inviting space to create memories with family and friends. As many homes now utilize the kitchen as a makeshift dining room, office/homework station, and entertaining area, owners (and some renters too) are devoting a good portion of their budget and creative energy to kitchen redesigns and overhauls.

The Ivanhoe® cord hung porcelain pendant series at Barn Light Electric offers multiple shade sizes, styles, finishes, and mounting options for each pendant. This diverse selection will help you customize any of the pendants to match your design goals.

One of the biggest challenges of a kitchen upgrade is to find the best balance between stylish and effective accessories to create a functional and comfortable room. One light fixture that’s sure to add historical charm to your kitchen is the Sky Chief Porcelain Enamel Pendant. This is an American-made warehouse shade based on a traditional, RLM lighting styles from the 1930′s and 40′s. RLM lighting is the association titled Reflector and Lamp Manufacturers, which sets strict specifications for members within the lighting industry.

The Sky Chief’s sleek, 16″ shade comes is a variety of finishes in vintage inspired colors. The Sky Chief’s construction consists of a porcelain enamel finish and a steel interior shade; it prides itself on being one of the most durable light fixtures on the market today.

For a slightly larger and deeper pendant, consider the the Ivanhoe® Bomber Warehouse Pendant, which comes with a 17″ shade size. The Bomber was featured Frugal Farmhouse Design, as part of a kitchen renovation project. A Cobalt Blue bomber was installed over an industrial farmhouse styled kitchen table.

For more examples of vintage industrial lighting, visit the kitchen lighting section of barnlightelectric.com.

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