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porcelain pendant lighting kitchen

Porcelain Barn Light in Cherry Red Pops in the Kitchen

With the kitchen often serving as the central hub of the home, fixtures, furniture, and appliances must be able to handle all of the food prep, homework, entertaining, and simple relaxing that takes place within this popular spot. Even in a small kitchen like this where space is at a premium, the decor performs double duty with a industrial yet homey feel that makes the most of every inch of space.

The long dining table fits in neatly while the former fireplace has become a cozy nook for the fridge. The mantel above makes a convenient shelf for the airy, sweeping plant that helps draw the eye up towards the ceiling giving a sense of height to the room. Touches of red add a pop of color that liven up the space, and the cord-hung pendant hanging above in a matching red finish is the crowning touch.

This pendant is much like our porcelain pendant called The Avalon Warehouse Porcelain Pendant, part of our collection of Ivanhoe® Pendant Lighting. This casual fiporcelain_pendant_lighting_kitchen.jpgxture has plenty of RLM-inspired styling and is offered in three mid-sized shades. American made and hand spun from commercial grade steel, the Avalon will bring plenty of light to kitchen tables, dining rooms, or home office spaces. Choose from nine shiny and durable porcelain enamel finish colors. Cherry Red or Yellow will add a splash of color to your space or, if you prefer more traditional colors, there’s Graphite, White, or Bronze. Dress up your new pendant with your choice of cord colors ranging from a standard black to a colorful cotton twist cord that adds a hint of vintage styling.

Don’t miss the other members of The Avalon family too — the Goodrich® Avalon Porcelain Gooseneck and Benjamin® Avalon Porcelain Stem Mount Pendant. And now available as the Avalon Post Mount Exterior Light for all of your commercial lighting needs!


Top photo courtesy of Lisa Sorgini

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