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Opulent, Modern Table Lamps for the Luxury Bedroom

Luxurious – a term that defines anything fabulous, flashy and essentially comfortable. It also happens to be the term that best defines the bedroom featured today from House Beautiful. Usually luxurious styles come in all forms, from gold leaf touches to lush, velvet accents. Well, perhaps trends have circled around again, or this inviting bedroom has just turned into today’s elegant classic; it was featured in the January 2009 issue – nearly three years ago.

The designer of the room, Stephen Shubel, didn’t want the entire room to be over the top, but to remain ornate enough for a modern day Marie Antoinette. That’s why he opted for a plush red velour headboard with matching bed skirt. Because of this huge pop of color, Shubel chose to keep the rest of the room outfitted in white, ivory and black, with the occasional pink or red accessory. Simple accent furniture, like the stools at the end of the bed, and the modest wood side tables keep things toned down, but a pink throw blanket on the printed armchair remind you of the splendor of the space. For you married ladies out there that have had a hard time convincing your husband for a more feminine space, try showing him this room. It may not take too long to change his mind!

Along with the accent furniture, Shubel kept the bedside lighting simple too. Vintage wall sconces may have worked, but could have distracted from the eye-catching headboard. Modern table lamps, like the Disco Table Lamp, coordinate with the opulent atmosphere, but definitely don’t take away from the rest of the room. After all, we do love to see barn lights, but there is a time and a place for the understated yet classic table lamp. Plus, because the Disco Table Lamp isn’t hardwired to a junction box, it can be moved throughout the house as design tastes change.

Top Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful


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