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No Need for Color in an All White Kitchen

We’ve all had a conundrum with all white rooms at some point in our lives. It may have started with your college dorm room, so you plastered the walls with posters of your favorite bands. Maybe you’re still a renter who lacks the flexibility of a landlord who will let you paint. Either way, if you’re faced with an all white room today, chances are that if it’s decorated correctly, it can be more aesthetically appealing then one that’s tastefully overflowing with color.

When we say all white, we’re not meaning the sterility of a hospital though. Think of P. Diddy’s White Party – if you have so much as a red manicure, you’re probably not getting in. No need to be that strict when it comes to dreaming up your all white room. The thought of this may be just too clean for some, and that is why rustic wood accents keep the space grounded while still letting it feel lived in. So unless you’re into the hospital look, it’s okay to throw in a neutral here and there that isn’t white.

While vintage woods may help to make the room feel lived in, it can’t quite beat out the look of vintage warehouse lights. The white porcelain pendants in the dining room are worn, and are long past their heyday. Hold on a minute though, that doesn’t mean they should have been disguarded! Vintage Barn Lighting is always a good choice if you’re living in a space like this, and our Vented Warehouse Porcelain Pendant is nearly a close match. When it comes to creating an all white room, a little bit of rust can never hurt – think of it as a small accent color. These vintage lights come in all shapes, sizes and colors, just like your unique room.

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