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New Graniteware Porcelain Lights and Clocks Are a Big Hit!

You asked, so you shall receive! We’ve introduced a treasure trove of new lights over the past month, and everyone has been snatching them up. Good thing is that these handmade American made light fixtures are not limited in quantity, and we can make them to suit your needs. If you like a specific shade, but would prefer it as a pendant light? We can definitely do that with no issue, and even switch the finish up!

Speaking of new finishes, have you checked out our new line of Graniteware Porcelain Shades? With the ever-popular Ivanhoe® Sinclair and it’s Stem & Loop cousin, as well as the new line of shallow Conoco shades, our selection of graniteware options are sure to be an instant hit. Get them while they’re hot, and on sale! In the past, graniteware typically brought images of speckled camping cookware to mind, but our take on this classic makes it brand new all over again. From now until July 30th at 3:00 AM, our Graniteware Enamel Shades are automatically discounted at 20% off – no fussing around with discount coupon codes required.

Our graniteware pendant lights aren’t the only newbies to the Barn Light family. We’ve also added a new category to our Industrial Decor line: Vintage Timekeeping! That’s correct, these new clocks are each unique to a certain era and style, each of which is stylish and whimsical in its own way! For a definitive retro reference, the Bullit Mantel Alarm Clock is identical to the funky clocks from the 1970s.

Keep your eyes locked on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Pinterest boards as always, because we’ve got some more new and exciting things on the drawing board that we’re just itching to share with you! You never know what could join our product line up in the near future!

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