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Nautical Lanterns Inspire Modern Wall Sconces

Gathering inspiration from timeless maritime influences, the distinctive appearance created by nautical lanterns has led homes and businesses to incorporate this historic lighting style, which can instantly establish a unique, nostalgic presence. Originally identified by large glass enclosures, protective guards, and looping brass arms, sailors and fishermen of the early 1900’s used these durable lanterns to guide their ships through the dense fog and sudden squalls that often lay off the coast of New England. With such a recognizable appearance, oil-burning lanterns have become a highly coveted piece of history that are valued by collectors and interior decorators that wish to top off their coastal Cape Cod or Myrtle Beach home.

Complete with traditional maritime elements, the Hamner Sconce breathes new life into the classic designs of nautical lanterns from the past. Using a vintage brass ship lantern from the early 1900’s as the basis of its design, the Hamner embraces many elements that oil-burning lanterns possessed stylistically. Combining modern refinement with a large selection of premium finishes and metals, the silhouette of this vintage reproduction beckons back to the turn of the 20th century.

Further highlighting the Hamner Sconce is its unique stance, one that displays a larger decorative top that is positioned above the rolled glass enclosure. Historically this displaced appearance was of paramount importance for mariners, by simply shifting the bulk of the weight closer to their hand they were able to reduce the amount of swaying caused by rough seas. Following this uncharacteristically balanced design, the Hamner boasts an ideal weight ratio that is perfectly suited for enduring strong winds and harsh weather. Take advantage of the function and style that this wall mounted sconce exudes, with a long list of premium finishes and your choice of glass, the Hamner Sconce is sure to give that look of authenticity to your nautical project.

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