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Modern, Art Deco Chandelier in a Traditional Bathroom

Take a minute to think about your dream bathroom. It may be an English garden-like retreat or maybe a rustic farmhouse powder room. However you decide do decorate your personal space is likely to be reflective of your personality and style, but isn’t it easy to get caught up in the picture perfect, outlandishly expensive bathrooms found in magazines?

When designing your master bathroom, consider a few things. Will you be sharing the space with someone else? Do you think you’ll be selling your home in a few years? If you answered yes to either of those questions, it may be best to consider leaning towards neutrals with a traditional design in order to satisfy the best of both worlds. But how can you still bring personality into it? Utilize pieces that can easily be switched out without putting your bank account into the negative. In this bathroom, the homeowner remained neutral by using a darker brown paint, a Victorian style – yet modern bathtub and a few rustic wooden touches to warm it up.

The ladder propped up against the wall acts as an extra shelf for when you’re soaking in the tub, as well a place to hang drying towels. Also, half curtains on the window allow for light to come in from the top, but still allow for privacy.

While the bathroom is essentially neutral, you’ll notice an art deco chandelier, acting as a lovely statement piece above. Modern chandeliers, like the Asterisk Chandelier, will add an extra bit of oomph to an otherwise bland space. Art deco light fixtures are essentially perfect for any room; the clean geometric lines paired with simple finishes are a to die for combination. Obviously, the Asterisk Chandelier isn’t your ordinary crystallized light – you’re sure to attract the right kind of attention, no matter where you hang it!

Top Photo Courtesy of House Beautiful


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