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Light Bulbs

Making The Switch Will Save You Money!

Since it was first introduced in the early 1990’s, the Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL) has been one of the most popular Energy Efficient bulbs in America. Compact Fluorescent bulbs were designed to replace the less energy efficient Standard Incandescent bulb. CFL’s produce just as much light as your Standard Incandescent, but use 1/3 of the overall energy!

Why should I switch to CFL’s? What’s the difference? It’s the average lifespan of each bulb – it differs drastically! Although less in your initial cost, Standard Incandescent bulbs can be manufactured to last 750 to 1,000 hours. By paying slightly more up front, a Compact Fluorescent bulb typically has a rated lifespan of 6,000 – 15,000 hours! Doing the math, that means CFL’s last between 8 and 15 times longer! If you’re not on board to save the earth, do it for your wallet!

Maybe you’re not a fan of the spiral shape, or the different colored light CFL’s produce – that’s not a problem today. Modern day Compact Fluorescent bulbs are closer in “color” to traditional Standard Incandescent. And as for shape, you can now purchase enclosed CFL’s. They have all of the same benefits of the spiral shape, but tend to look much better in exposed fixtures such as pendants or ceiling fans. If you still have the spiral shape laying around the house, don’t throw them away just yet. Use them outdoors where it’s dark, and you need light to stay on for long periods of time.

If we still can’t get you on board for switching to CFL’s, consider putting your current lights on dimmers. You then limit the amount of energy the Standard Incandescent bulb is allowed to give of. Dim your lights 10%, and you’ll save around 10% of your electric bill or dim your lights 25%, and you’ll save around 20% of your electric bill. For ultra money and energy saving tricks, install dimmers throughout your home and top each off with a dimmable CFL bulb! Both Standard Incandescent and Compact Fluorescent bulbs are available at Barn Light Electric, as well as LED and HID options.


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