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Lighting Resolutions: Start Your Year on the “Bright” Foot

If you’re like me, that hopeful list of 2014 resolutions you compiled on January 1st is still hanging on your fridge waiting to be started. Fortunately, the resolutions “I resolve to read more” and “I resolve to spend more quality time with friends and family” don’t have expiration dates. However, my goal to “paint my burnt orange guest bath emerald green while it’s still en vogue” is a little more time sensitive.

How about you? Are you tackling a big home renovation for your New Year’s resolution? If you’re contemplating the purchase of new lighting for the home or business, consider these resolutions to help you make the best choice for your new fixture…

Barn Light Electric Spoke Top Lights

1. “I resolve to purchase timeless, quality lighting over conveniently trendy.”

Yes, with home décor trends changing seasonally, it’s easy to impulse buy new decorations. Quality items are designed to be relevant for years and crafted to last just as long. A beautiful example of a fixture that has stood the test of time is our Industrial Guard Sconce. It showcases elements of antiquated farmhouse style, yet remains on point with its heavy-duty construction. It’s okay to be choosy when you’re looking into heirloom quality lighting.


2. “I resolve to buy American lighting.”

Good news! Purchasing products manufactured and sold in America creates and sustains jobs! An extra perk of shopping from an American lighting manufacturer is that you can trust that they take pride in what they make. Assuring that you have an excellent shopping experience is a high priority. From the moment your lights are purchased, spun, painted, and wired to the moment they ship to your doorstep, knowing who crafts your lighting makes the experience so much more enriching.


3. “I resolve to be an environmentally responsible lighting shopper.”

It’s easy to reduce your lighting footprint with the right fixture. Consider shopping for LED lights for your home interiors and exteriors. You can also save energy by installing compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs into your current home lighting. When shopping for outdoor light fixtures, make sure to pick dark sky compliant light fixtures that reduce light noise and protect our starry skylines.

Barn Light Electric Photoshoot at Casa Feliz

4. “I resolve to replace my out-dated builder-basic lights.”

Have you been in one of these scenarios this year: You’ve lived in a home for more than 10 years and never updated a light fixture. Your brass chandelier is collecting dust in your contemporary dining room. You’ve found yourself rolling your eyes and muttering, “I gotta replace that” whenever you turn on the stock lights hanging in your bathroom.

It’s time to treat yourself to a light that is uniquely YOU!

Start your year by evaluating your tastes. How has your style and home evolved around your outdated lighting? What finishes would suit your home (do you need a heavy-duty porcelain light for your rugged home exterior? Or a vintage nickel stem-and-loop for your bedroom?) The more you know about your aesthetic, the more you can take advantage of custom lighting choices.

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