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How To | Decorate for the Holidays with Ease

The holiday train has left the station and is chugging full steam ahead! And while some people are just getting started on the shopping, others are already putting the final touches on wrapping. Neighborhoods are alive with displays ranging from simple white lights to giant inflatable presents and reindeer.

No matter what’s on your list of things to do this season, we’re here to offer some holiday inspiration with help from some of our very favorite customers.

holiday inspiration

Our friend Natalie, from A Mama in Love, has been putting the final touches on her new home, and she chose to decorate her front door with a simple swag of greenery. This easy, yet beautiful touch adds a soft look and complements the splash of copper from her Chestnut Gooseneck Light. Add a pretty wreath and new jammies and the family is ready for Santa!

holiday inspiration

We love how this Bantam Laramie Wall Sconce serves as an impromptu holder for a festive mistletoe wreath in Christina’s hallway.

holiday inspiration

These fluffy stockings are just waiting to be stuffed full on Christmas Eve in Lauren’s house! The candles both inside the fireplace and on the mantle make for a cozy, spot to enjoy cookies and milk.

porcelain enamel bowls

Speaking of cookies, Marian over at Sweetopia makes cookies that are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost! The presentation is perfect in her porcelain enamel bowls from Barn Light!

porcelain enamel cake stand

And another favorite foodie elf has been busy in the kitchen filling up cake stands with decadent treats for the whole family! Sommer’s blog A Spicy Perspective is a must-follow all year long!

gooseneck lights

Liz Marie, who writes the White Cottage Farm blog, also chose lush greenery for her farmhouse porch.

gooseneck lighting

When the sun goes down, the porch is aglow thanks to Wilcox Vented Deep Bowl Gooseneck Lights and hundreds of tiny white lights.

gooseneck barn light

A simple fir wreath adorned with a gold-and-red bow gives Craig’s garage a touch of the holiday spirit.

gooseneck barn light

His Galvanized Chestnut Gooseneck Light takes on a beautiful glow on a late December afternoon.

swing arm wall sconce

And if you’ve left writing your cards to the last minute, here’s a cozy spot to tackle the task — complete with a tree and a Sinclair Swing Arm Sconce for plenty of light!

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    Marian (Sweetopia)

    Thanks for sharing my cookies! I love barn light electric (everything!); your bowls made the cookies shine! Merry Christmas!

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