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Lending a hint of style to classic serveware, our array of solidly crafted cake stands, serving platters, and salad bowls establishes memorable dining room tables and party buffets! Outfitted with timeless and colorful patterns, the fashionable designs found in our porcelain-coated Serveware Collection is customizable to anyone’s specific requirements! Read More »


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What Porcelain Serveware is available? 

Looking for something different to help your party, wedding, or corporate event stand out? Our selection of porcelain serveware brings an elevated style to dessert tables and buffets.

  • Cake Stands: By raising cakes, pies, cookies, and other desserts above the table, our porcelain cake stands create an eye-catching dessert display. To accommodate every event’s specific needs, we manufacture three different sizes of enamel cake stands. These stands can be purchased individually or are available in a set containing all three.
  • Platters: During family meals and holiday dinners, these platters serve family-favorite main dishes, while at parties they are used for appetizers and finger foods.

How is this enamel serveware constructed? 

By embracing old-world manufacturing techniques and durable materials, we’re able to produce the highest quality serveware imaginable. The manufacturing process starts with flat pieces of steel. Spun on a lathe, the metal is worked by hand around a mold until it assumes the required shape.

After being coated with porcelain — a finish lauded for its naturally lustrous appearance and rock-hard surface — the platters take a trip through an extremely hot oven, fusing the two materials together.

To construct the cake stands, one of these enamel platters is attached to a sturdy base, which gives the stand its height.

Is serveware customizable?

Yes, all serveware we produce is customizable to match anyone’s preferences. A myriad of finish colors decides a piece’s aesthetic. Dark colors like black imbue a sense of sophistication into the serveware’s design while lighter neutral tones offer a subtler approach. Playful colors like jadite provide a more contemporary flair. 

Two unique patterns further dictate the serveware’s appearance. For a more formal look, the solid finish incorporates a splash of a single color. The graniteware finish is evocative of vintage styles yet still appeals to contemporary spaces.

These patterns, when combined with the various finish colors, allow everyone to create a personalized look for their kitchens, dessert tables, and more.