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Flush Mount Schoolhouse Lighting in a Farmhouse Entry

Hallways are essentially a design conundrum, even for the most experienced interior designer. Either they are too narrow, too open, or have awkward doorways off either side. Sometimes there is enough room for a small console table to toss the mail, but that’s not always the case.

In the passage featured today, there is a note of simplicity that is obvious. Due to the open rooms off of the hallway, a console table or an occasional chair wouldn’t be plausible for the flow of traffic. The designer here chose to let the architectural details do the talking. Plate glass windows found in the front door let in a decorative cast of light when the sun is at the right angle. Dark wood flooring adds to the industrial farmhouse charm, as well as the thick and crisp white crown molding. Mocking the rich wood flooring is a tray ceiling complete with surface mount lighting.

For a hallway, lamps that are mounted flush with the ceiling are ideal. Due to the potential narrowness, these lights are inconspicuous, nor do they take up space along the floor or walls. To complete your rustic home, a schoolhouse light like the Fontana Semi-Flush Light is your finishing touch. Because of the opal glass globe, flattering light is emitted – a necessity when it comes to hallways where windows typically don’t exist. The Fontana also comes in a selection of classic, understated finishes to blend seamlessly with traditional décor. While we love to see a great warehouse pendant in a farmhouse, schoolhouse lights are the next best things for period style lighting.

If you wish to continue the look into your kitchen and dining areas, similar schoolhouse pendants, chandeliers and wall lights are also available, even as affordable discounted lighting!

Top Left Photo Courtesy of Houzz.com

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