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mig retro industrial pendant

Featured Customer | Retro Industrial Pendants A Hit for California Sheet Metal Company

In September 2011, a fire broke out in a 150-year-old building that housed a hotel, bar, and Frank M. Booth, Inc. Water damage was significant for this 100-year-old company so the owners decided to remodel. As the structure was torn apart, they noticed large, hand-hewn columns that were part of the original building — a carriage-making shop built in the 1860s. Some of the columns still had large metal rings where horses would be tied in the shop.


“With all this history popping up, we knew had to incorporate that into the new design with an industrial warehouse feel,” explains Mary Langsdorf, who spearheaded the remodeling efforts. Those efforts were extensive and included the removal and repouring of 8,000 square feet of concrete flooring and rebuilding two 50-foot brick walls. When it came to lighting, Mary spent countless hours searching for the perfect fixtures. She found them in The Mig Retro Steel Industrial Pendant.

“I ordered all kinds of lights and returned them all because of size and color issues,” she says. “Since we are a metal and pipe shop, we do a great deal of welding, so when I saw Barn Light Electric’s acetylene caps, I fell in love!” Mary wanted the lights to reflect the history of the company which is now run by Frank M. Booth’s great grandchildren. The Mig Pendants are crafted from repurposed acetylene tank tops that come with a standard cord or a colored cotton or cotton twist cord. Each fixture and finish is unique.

“Since we are so involved with welding in both our shops, I knew I had to pick these lights,” Mary adds. “Our color is the same yellow as the finish on the lights so I had to give these a try. I love that they are such a novelty piece. The guys go down that hallway and get a big smile on their faces because hanging from the ceiling are actual items we use in the shop. It definitely adds more character to our building!”

Photo courtesy of Frank M. Booth, Inc.



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    Yorkshire Profiles

    I love it when designers revisit past design trends and architecture, and bring them into the 21st century. Building and interiors don’t have to be all modern to look amazing. This refurbishment sounds epic but well worth it.

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    Yes, this was an incredible renovation project. Kudos to the company and designers for having the foresight and desire to save and showcase the history of the building. Beautiful job!

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