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Featured Customer | Donna from Titusville, FL


Who’s to say that a newly constructed, riverfront condo can’t pack in the style of a rustic farmhouse? The dining room today belongs to our featured customer, Donna, from Titusville, Florida. If you didn’t know any better, it would appear to belong in an authentic country cottage. Donna will be the first to admit that she has a love of the industrial farmhouse design scheme. It’s evident as you’ve seen in her laundry room and throughout the rest of her condo.

The previous owners had a Tuscan style which you may think would clash with Donna’s urban country theme. However, the textured walls fit perfectly with the open and airy look and stands out against the darker wood furniture. The beautiful buffet and console table on the left were left by the previous owner. It makes the perfect spot for Donna to showcase her collection of jadite dishware and other collectibles.


Take a look over the farmhouse dining table. Where you might expect to see a traditional light fixture, instead Donna chose an industrial chandelier. Wait a minute – an industrial chandelier? Our six-light Factory Overhead Industrial Chandelier embodies everything rugged and tough. It has six atomic cast guard units that branch off from the center stem for an ultra-unique solution to dining room lighting. Similar ceiling lights are becoming popular and not only in rustic rooms like Donna’s. The Orlando Vision House features a three-light version in their dining room. Their overall design scheme centered around modern, green products but incorporated a bit of at-home, country charm too.

Since the Factory Overhead features multiple bulbs, it emits more than enough light for the large space. If you like, you can utilize frosted jelly jar glasses in each of the cast guards to soften the expulsion of light on the surrounding areas.

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