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Featured Customer | Carol from Titusville, FL

Schoolhouse lights hold a memorable place in the lighting yearbook. These pendant lights and wall sconces have endured years of wear and tear in some situations, yet still are desirable for use within American homes. Those who purchase these wish to showcase an iconic style of lighting in their homes, businesses, museum or classic auto showrooms.

Schoolhouse pendants look best when incorporated into simple and classic designs. The frosted globes paired with understated finishes on the stems provide a traditional, American feel – flooding any room in a soft glow. They are a great choice for small coffee shops and bistros too as they provide a warm, inviting or ‘at home’ feel.

Today’s featured customer is Carol from our hometown of Titusville, Florida. She utilized schoolhouse lighting in her own recent kitchen remodel. Her new kitchen is classic in appearance, utilizing neutrals for the appliances, cabinetry and wall color. By laying this framework, Carol has set herself up for success: the kitchen blends seamlessly with the rest of her home and the décor can easily be interchanged. While incorporating neutrals is a great plan, the schoolhouse pendant over the blue-gray island is more than enough to make her kitchen unique.

The 3-Light Schoolhouse Pendant was perfect for lighting this large kitchen. By having not just one, but three lights, this particular pendant will illuminate the entire kitchen. Not only can this design be found in our Warehouse Lighting section, but there is also a single pendant version as well. Their lower price tag does mean there are limited finish options available, but we’ve provided you with two of the most widely used choices – Rubbed Bronze and Chome. If you’re searching for something other than those, we also offer the Brevard and Volusia schoolhouse designs that are available for those who prefer to make their light totally unique!


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  1. elizabeth Sowinski

    I have a question: does the 3 pendant light have the option to swivel after it’s placed, in case you want to change the direction of your table? Thanks!

  2. Drew

    Hi Elizabeth,
    You could always rotate the fixture at the canopy since there will be a swivel mount incorporated with the stem mounting system.

  3. Cynthia

    Would like this light fixture for a 1920’s house remodel, however, at the bottom it says this item is non-returnable. If the fixture is broken upon arrival, are we stuck with a damaged product. I have ordered a lot through online recently, and I can tell you not all things arrive in one piece. If I can’t return the product if damaged or not working, then I’ll shop elsewhere. I need to make a decision quickly! Thanks!

  4. Ashley

    Hi Cynthia,

    While this fixture is non-returnable, this is only in the case of if you dislike the fixture or it wouldn’t work in your space. If the fixture is damaged or broken upon arrival, we do assure that Barn Light Electric will resolve the situation in a timely manner! You may reference our Return Policy here for for further information.

  5. Cynthia

    Thanks, Ashley! That helps!

  6. Ann

    I see the light comes with 3 stems: 18, 12 and 6″. Can these be used together for a total stem length of 36″?

  7. Betty

    Hi Ann — thanks for stopping by the blog and yes, those stems can be combined for an overall longer stem lenghth! Hope that helps!

  8. Jacinda

    I’m wondering about the overall height – it says 54″ but is that with the 18″ stem? Does the 8″ shade height just include the glass globe or the socket base/metal piece as well? Any additional information about height dimensions would be very much appreciated. Also, what is the mechanism to change bulbs?

  9. Michelle

    When it says overall height 54″, is that with the largest 18″ stem? I am looking for overall height with the 6″ stem. Thank you!

  10. Kelsea

    Do you know if the chandelier can be mounted to a sloped ceiling? Thank you!

  11. mary kiepe

    Our cabinets will be painted a light cream with a light glaze, do you think this pendant will be too white to fit in? Also, what size bulbs are used?
    Also, this would be over the island.

    Appreciate your help, thank you.

  12. Betty Lynne

    Hi Mary,
    In the kitchen above, the cabinets are painted white and the fixture fits in beautifully. But it might depend on how much natural light you have in the kitchen and how large your space is too. Do you have any other color in the kitchen that might help balance the whiteness of your cabinets and lighting?

    This particular fixture is part of our Discount Lighting collection and is imported. We also offer a collection of Schoolhouse Lighting that is American made and can be found at this link — http://www.barnlightelectric.com/barn-lighting/pendant-lighting/schoolhouse-lights/

    These lights are easy to customize and include schoolhouse lights with clear globes which might be an option for your kitchen. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our sales staff at 800-407-8784, or connect with them via email at sales@barnlightelectric.com or via Live Chat from our home page during regular business hours.

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