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DIY Decor for Your Home: Americana Wreath

We’ve got a long weekend ahead of us! Not only here at Barn Light Electric, but across the United States of America, people have big plans for the Labor Day holiday. This little project will cost you under $20.00, and is the perfect addition to your cookout and barbecue plans. There’s no doubt that your guests will be begging you how to make it, but this wreath is extremely simple to make. You can even change the colors up to accommodate ANY holiday! What you’ll need:


IMG_2179.jpg5 sheets each of red, white, and blue felt

A foam wreath

Straight push pins



Wreath hanger

To start out, you’ll cut each sheet of felt into small squares and rectangles. No need to be perfect and meticulous here, variation is good! Once you’ve finished up cutting, section off your wreath as you please. I reserved the top left quarter for the blue felt, and estimated on the red and white stripes as I went. Once again, making perfect stripes the first time is not necessary — you can always pull out each felt square to make adjustments as you go.

IMG_2189-225x300.jpgIn order to put the felt onto the wreath, simply make a fold diagonally, corner to corner. Do the same thing on the opposite corners. You should have a small triangle now. Take the folded point and put the push pin in here and into the wreath. Repeat this process around the wreath according to your color scheme. In order to pump up the patriotism, I added felt stars onto the blue portion. Feel free to customize your wreath with your own monogram and ribbon.

We can see this patriotic wreath being an instant hit for years to come. Imagine sitting around the table with your little ones in the winter time making a red, green, and white wreath. Surely, they’ll love the craft project, on top of the time spent with you!

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