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Design Trends 2020 | Interior Designers Dish on What’s Hot, What’s Not

Happy new year from all of us at Barn Light Electric! We’re moving full speed ahead into 2020 and our teams are already working hard on crafting new, exciting product designs for the coming year.

To help as you start planning your renovation, remodel, or new building projects, we’ve asked three of our favorite interior designers for their insights on the latest color and design trends.


Joining us, left to right above, are Keri Venti, co-owner of Wolf & Wing Design in New York, Emily Richter, principal designer at EKR Interior Design in North Carolina, and Raili Clasen of RailiCA Design in California.

What is the newest design trend you see taking off in 2020?
Keri I see people going bolder with color, whether it be kitchen cabinets, interior doors and trim or the color of a sofa. Bolder is better in 2020!
Raili I am ready to see tile backsplashes in mustard yellow and master showers in hot blue!
Emily I see the terrazzo and concrete trend still going strong. It’s being used in some really interesting and unusual ways. 


What will be the popular color palette for interiors this coming year?
Keri  I see a shift to incorporate more bold earth tones into interior spaces. Think copper velvet sofa.
Raili Tonals – light blues with navy, mint green with hunter.
Emily I’m seeing soft pinks mixed with darker, richer hues like deep greens, navys, and black. I’ve never been one to stick with color palette trends, but I do like these sophisticated colors used in unique ways!


What is one trend you hope will fade away in 2020? 
Keri White on white kitchens! While it is always a classic look, I see an increase in two-toned cabinetry this coming year. Combining white with either wood tones or colored cabinetry will begin to challenge more classic looks.
Raili Wide plank oak floors — I mean, they’re gorgeous, but there are so many other great options.


What is one trend you would like to see more of?
Raili Taking chances with color. Having an all-neutral dining space would be so much better with a big, bold light fixture. It would completely change the personality of the room with just that one detail.
Emily I really love the terrazzo renaissance that’s happening. It’s such an ancient material and has so much history but translates into modern environments so well. I think it’s really timeless. There are infinite options for color combinations too. 


How can homeowners incorporate a new trend or color without having to replace everything the following year?
Keri There is always a way to incorporate new color trends through replacing simple items such as throw pillows and accessories.
Raili Painting interior doors a color or even a glossy finish in an all-flat room is an easy and inexpensive way to update. Changing out traditional light fixtures for more modern ones would be a game changer in small spaces such as powder rooms and offices.
Emily I would start small and simple such as replacing cabinet hardware, updating lighting, art and accessories. These are relatively simple and affordable ways to update what you already have.


What are some of your favorite lighting trends for the new year?
Keri Going bold with your lighting is going to really take off in the New Year. It’s amazing how much character a light fixture can add to a space. I think people are starting to embrace that and take risks when it comes to lighting.
Raili I am always attracted to the unexpected, oversized pendants, especially in smaller spaces. They act as art installations at the same time they are giving light.
Emily I love how far LED lighting has come. It’s amazing to think about where it began early in my career and how accessible it’s become. There are so many wonderful designs out there and lighting really is at the heart of every design. Without well-thought-out lighting, the rest doesn’t matter.


What kind of role does lighting typically play in your designs? 
Keri Lighting plays a large role in any design scheme we are working on. It is so important to have layered lighting in any space so you can change the mood with the touch of a switch. Also, the fixtures used are so integral to design and can really can make or break a space.
Raili A LEADING role! Usually, it is the first thing we start visualizing once we start designing.
Emily Lighting is really the key ingredient in a successful design. I feel that when it’s done right, it’s not obvious, but you feel good in a space and it enhances everything else about the design. I often start with a light fixture as the basis for a design. It’s always part of my initial design since the materials and style of light fixtures can really create a mood in a space. 


What is your favorite Barn Light Electric fixture?
Keri Do I have to pick just one? I really love the versatility of so many of the Barn Light Electric styles and the customization available is so amazing. I am really loving the 5-Light Bubble Chandelier and, again, I really love that it can be done in so many fun colors!
Raili The Downtown Swing Arm Sconce. These are PERFECT for master bedroom sconces. I love the natural wood-meets-color vibe! 
EmilyI really love the Downtown Minimalist Wall Sconce. It’s so simple but so customizable. You can really create the perfect version for any project. I also love the new option from the Timber & Ore collection. The touch of wood is a great addition!


For commercial projects, what are some new ways businesses will try to attract and keep customers through design?
Keri I think businesses will try to incorporate more experiential components to design. With a world ever more consumed by digital content and experience, designers now have the opportunity to introduce sight, sound, and feel to enhance their projects. Who doesn’t love a great mural with a hashtag to create those instagrammable moments?!
RailiWe are taking on more and more small commercial office spaces where our clients want their work spaces to be more fun. Adding personality with oversized wall murals, creative lighting, and cool furnishings create more of a cool, home vibe than a sterile office space.  
EmilyI see that business owners are becoming more aware that design is their brand ambassador and that, through design, you can really build and maintain an audience. It’s not an afterthought; it’s a vital component of a successful business and can help with so many aspects from employee retention to attracting clients, influencing customers, and, of course, the maintenance and aesthetic value that good design brings.


What is your favorite space to design or redesign?
KeriI love designing powder rooms because you can really think outside the box and do something bold and fun.
RailiKids’ spaces allow for the most creative freedom, but I will always love great kitchen design.
EmilyI truly love hospitality design. Restaurants, bars, hotels are all such wonderful places to be creative. They help me combine my residential and commercial experience in such a pleasing way. I love to bond with clients on their missions for their businesses. But there is the very important human element where you help guests have the best experience possible, all while making things that will last in a public/high traffic environment.


What design faux pas keeps you up at night?
KeriBeing too quick to dismiss historical or original architecture. I love utilizing old characteristics of a home and giving them new life.
RailiOh, you name it! Since starting this design gig, I barely sleep. Making sure scale is right with lighting is my top, middle-of-the-night concern.
EmilyPoorly scaled furniture and cheap, throw-away design really gets to me. I can’t stand sitting at a bar-height counter on a counter-height stool. Extremely uncomfortable! And it lessens the experience for guests. Also, going into a relatively new space and seeing dirty, falling apart furniture that clearly has no place in a high traffic/commercial space. It’s just a waste of time and money to buy such things, not to mention environmentally irresponsible. 

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