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Desert Pendant Lights Renew San Francisco Family Kitchen

Desert Pendant

With a few simple additions to their remodeled kitchen, Jasper and Rebecca proved that efficiency and style can coexist. The new lights provided a better workspace for Jasper’s cutting board area and dramatically improved the appearance of the overall dining area.

As seen in the photos from Apartment Therapy, this San Francisco couple added lights very similar to the Desert Pendant and the Wonder Pendant found at Barn Light Electric Co.®. Available in a Medium Blue or Trans Blue finish, both the Wonder and Desert Pendants start at $139.00 each.

Like many couples, Jasper and Rebecca opt to eat at home rather than spend their money at a restaurant. Initially, their frugal routine kept them from interacting with their two kids and any house visitors. Two years ago, they decided to open up the dining room and living room to the kitchen. With their modified area, they can keep an eye on their kids while they prepare their meals each night.

While they didn’t go for the highest-end appliances, they created a beautiful space, with efficiency as well as quality throughout. The easy access drawers and rugged ceasarstone counters are children friendly. Accustomed to New York kitchens, these seemed, to this visitor, to go on forever. Everything has its place — returned with ease at the end of a meal.

To help coordinate with the theme of your kitchen or dining room, these pendants are available in more than 40 different finishes options from Barn Light Electric Co.®. Both the Desert Pendant and the Wonder Pendant can be installed in a variety of ways. The pendants can be hung with an adjustable, 7′ white or black cord, affixed to a stem mount, or installed close to the ceiling utilizing a flush mount. The shade on the Wonder Pendant measures 5″ wide and 10″ high, while the Desert Pendant is slightly larger, at 6 1/2 inches wide and 10″ high. Both are suitable options to bring similar, modern look to your home.

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