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deep bowl barn light pendant

Deep Bowl Barn Pendant Adds Big Wow Factor to Dining Space

What separates a pleasant, inviting space from one that actually makes people stop and say, “Wow!” — it’s the wow factor, of course. Some rooms have it, some don’t. This room definitely has it and, in our opinion, the wow factor comes from above in the shape of a substantial deep bowl barn pendant. Now don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot to love in this farmhouse kitchen. Those dark wood floors contrasting with the white board-and-batten walls, the awesome bay window, and the industrial touch the dining chairs lend to the whole space.


The deep bowl pendant is much like our Wesco Cord Hung Pendant Light which combines the modern styling of a deep bowl pendant with the classic look of an RLM-inspired warehouse shade. The Wesco comes in five shade sizes from a diminutive 8″ model to a generous 16″ version. The smaller shade sizes would work well over a hall table or in an office space while the larger sizes would illuminate dining room tables or kitchen islands, or perform very well in a commercial lighting plan. A dozen beautiful finish colors are available from traditional colors to more modern hues. Choose a standard black or white cord or get funky with a colored cotton twist cord that will add even more wow factor to your new light!

If you like the look of this deep bowl pendant but prefer the durability and shine of porcelain, don’t miss the Ivanhoe® Wilcox Deep Bowl Porcelain Pendant. This classic light comes in the same five shade sizes as the Wesco and the same cord options. Your finish, however, will be an incredibly durable porcelain enamel glass finish that will never fade and requires minimal maintenance. American made by our very own craftsmen, the Wilcox Pendant can be finished in one of nine shiny porcelain colors that will give you years of use and more “wows!” than you ever imagined!


Top photo courtesy Remodelista

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