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Custom Lighting Creates Margaritaville Magic at TN Resort

One of East Tennessee’s latest hot spots is the Camp Margaritaville RV Resort & Lodge which blends the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains with the island-inspired vibe of the beach. There is something for everyone from outdoor recreation areas to the extensive indoor Fin City entertainment center.

Designer Susan Ballard, of SK Ballard Contract Interiors, lent her talented hand to help bring all the fun and laid-back charm to every space in the lodge.

Margaritaville Lodge 3 Commercial interior lighting bar Pollock No 2 10in SBK

“This was a renovation of an old retail building,” Susan says. “Our goal was to create a beach-themed hotel in the mountains with a twist toward enjoying the outdoors and RV’ing.” Susan worked with FSA Lighting, one of Barn Light’s commercial reps, to find easy-to-customize lighting that would fulfill her vision.

Margaritaville Lodge 13 Custom Commercial interior lighting on Multi Ball Jar Chandelier SWH

Guests kick off their day at the Fins Breakfast Buffet where the tables are generously lit by custom Ball Jar Chandeliers. Suspended with white cords, these clear glass jars offer eye-catching illumination without being obtrusive in the space.

“The mason jar was typically used by moonshiners to bottle their liquor,” Susan explains. “Moonshine is legal in Tennessee, and there are a number of distilleries in the area. Mason jars are also used for iced tea in the South. We appreciate Barn Light’s willingness to do these custom fixtures for us.”

Margaritaville Lodge 10 Commercial interior lighting restaurant Dino 3 Light Stem Mount Pendant 500 Buttery Yellow24in Stem 975 Galvanized

A larger community table sits between the breakfast area and the lobby and adds a splash of color to the space with the Dino 3-Light Stem Mount Pendant. This handcrafted pendant features 12″ shades, a Buttery Yellow finish, and 24″ Galvanized arms.

“This bright yellow fixture is a way to encourage guests to move from the lobby to the bar area to see what is happening there,” Susan notes. And plenty is happening in the Fins Bar! Guests are greeted with sea-blue walls and a large rollup door that offers fresh air and a view to the pool.

Margaritaville Lodge 1 Commercial interior lighting bar Pollock No 2 10in SBK

The bar is highlighted by nine Pollock No. 2 Pendants. Based on Jackson Pollock’s signature “drip paint” technique, these shades feature Red, Cobalt, Yellow, Jadite, and Delphite porcelain enamel in a unique pattern that varies from light to light thanks to the hands-on application. These American-made pendants sport 10″ shades and standard black cords.

“The 10″ shades offer the best scale for the space,” Susan says. “The look of the multiple paint colors is fun and festive.”

Margaritaville Lodge 6 Commercial interior lighting restaurant Bucket Pendant Light 975 Galvanized SWH

Along the wall, Susan chose another unique pendant to accent the high-top tables. The Bucket Pendant Lights feature a Galvanized finish and standard white cords.

“Margaritaville uses a bucket for the ice in the guest rooms,” she explains “This was the perfect way to tie the design together.”

Margaritaville Lodge 23 Custom Commercial interior lighting on hotel coffee bar Bucket Wall Sconce 390 Teal 975 Galvanized

The bucket makes another appearance in the guest rooms where Barn Light created a custom fixture especially for this project. The design team used two buckets with a powder coat Teal finish attached to a sturdy Galvanized arm to create lighting for each room’s coffee bar.

“I like doing a custom design for each project so the client knows they have something unique,” Susan notes.

Margaritaville Lodge 22 commercial exterior lighting hotel Vanguard 8 Light Chandelier 975 Galvanized 48in stem HSC TGG Clear Glass

As guests roll up to the entryway of Camp Margaritaville, the large porte-cochère welcomes visitors with plenty of room to unload while being protected from the elements. After dark, plenty of illumination comes from three Vanguard 8-Light Chandeliers. These rugged exterior lights are customized with a Galvanized finish, heavy-duty cast guard, clear glass, and 48″ stems.

Margaritaville Lodge 20 commercial exterior lighting hotel Vanguard 8 Light Chandelier 975 Galvanized 48in stem HSC TGG Clear Glass

“These fixtures were very appropriate for the drive thru at the entrance to the building,” Susan explains. “The galvanized finish represents the rustic outdoor vibe of Camp Margaritaville.”

Whether you’re unloading the car, sipping a margarita in the Fins Bar, or just starting your day with a fresh cup of coffee before the kids wake up, Barn Light’s handcrafted lighting helps create an unforgettable ambiance in every space!

Photos by Derek Cress Photography

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