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Classic Industrial Ceiling Lights in Rachael Ray’s Loft

You may have heard the name Rachael Ray, right? Starting off with her own cooking show, 30 Minute Meals, she quickly became a household name. It could be her lively and bubbly personality, or her down to earth recipes meant for a real American families, but Rachael has recently branched off into having her own talk show too. She speaks with celebrity guests, provides live cooking segments and also focuses a bit on interior design.

Needing a new place to cook and entertain in downtown New York City, Rachael’s team brought in HGTV designer John Giddings. They found a giant blank slate in the trendy SoHo district and began making it into the next new space for the Rachael Ray Show. Giddings broke the space up into three sections: the kitchen, a dining room and a hang out area.

The loft originally had all of the essentials for designing a modern space with industrial accents. Exposed brick walls, floor to ceiling windows, and original columns throughout. The kitchen has an expansive bar, complete with dark cabinetry and stark white counter tops, perfect for entertaining any of the day’s celebrity guests.

When it came to lighting the loft, Giddings had to consider the room’s overall atmosphere. A glitzy chandelier wouldn’t mesh too well with the furnishings, but an RLM pendant may have looked out of place. He then turned to a vintage ceiling light with an elegant yet factory look. To order the same ceiling lamp as Rachael has, look up our Times Square Pendant. As a traditionally designed pendant, the exposed key and vented cup above contribute to the overall rugged, industrial décor. The design world is filled with industrial style light fixtures, why not have bragging rights to say you have the same lights as some of today’s top celebrities?

Top Photo Courtesy of the RachaelRayShow.com

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