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Black Porcelain Pendant Subtle Yet Elegant Touch in Kitchen

Sometimes simple is best. Classic color schemes like in this black-and-white kitchen and dining area provide a clean and uncomplicated palette upon which to build. The black accents and white walls are enlivened by the splash of color on the dining room table. The open framework between these two areas provides structure yet allows your eye to wander from the dining room to the kitchen where you can keep an eye on the cook. And the classic black porcelain warehouse shades hanging above provide a subtle and elegant touch without overpowering the space.

These fixtures, based on vintage RLM warehouse shade designs of the 1930s, are very much like our Ivanhoe® Union 14″ Warehouse Porcelain Pendant. Porcelain shades have been a major part of the American barn lighting scene since their designs were first created and hung in early American factories and warehouses across the country. Porcelain was so desirable at that time because its porcelain_warehouse_shade_kitchen-300x223.jpgtough glass enamel coating could withstand harsh climates and hazardous work environments with little to no maintenance.ivanhoe_union_porcelain_pendant-270x300.jpg

Although it went out of fashion for a time, porcelain is back and better than ever! Our American made fixtures are handcrafted from raw steel, and Barn Light Electric is the only place you will find baked-on porcelain enamel lighting. Though these lights were originally used in commercial or outdoor settings, our Ivanhoe® Collection of cord-hung pendants brings the power of porcelain indoors to kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways.

The Ivanhoe™ Union features a stacked-neck design that curves out to a traditional 14″ shade — a perfect mid-sized light for your home or office. We offer a variety of finish colors, and you can take your Union anywhere from a rustic look to a more modern, uptown feel depending on the finish options you choose including a vintage cotton twist cord or a Nostalgic Edison style light bulb.

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